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da Vinci Surgery

CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini Hospital is the first facility in the central Louisiana region to offer state-of-the-art robotic surgical technology. Robert Bass, M.D., urologist at The Urology Clinic, will supervise the use of the $1.5 million da Vinci® Surgical System, to continue advancing its minimally invasive capabilities. The da Vinci® system incorporates the latest advances in robotics and computer technology and provides physicians with a new sophisticated surgical tool.

"We are pleased to offer this state-of-the-art surgery system at Cabrini Hospital," said Dr. Bass. "Robot-assisted surgery is a less invasive option for many patients and offers quicker recovery times and less pain." 

The robotic system enhances the surgeons' skill with computer technology, enabling them to see vital anatomical structures more clearly and perform surgical procedures more precisely. The technology extends the surgeon's capabilities by providing a three-dimensional view of the operating field and improving access to the surgical site through small instrument "ports" that eliminate the need for large incisions. The system also provides full freedom of movement at its instrument tips, allowing precise operation in a closed chest, abdomen or pelvis.

"By enhancing surgical capability through improved technology, we are able to provide patients with better clinical outcomes so they can return to active, productive lives more quickly," said Dr. Bass. "Patients who have undergone robotic surgery have consistently reported high satisfaction with the procedure."

For most patients, the benefits undergoing robotic assisted surgery include shorter hospital stays, less scarring, less pain, less risk of infection, and faster recovery.

For more information about robotic assisted surgery, please contact CHRISTUS Cabrini Hospital at 1-318-487-1122.

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